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Compass Acupuncture is a place where caring can be found along every step of your journey with us. It is a place to aspire to a better you, and be inspired and supported when the journey gets difficult, as often occurs when we earnestly travel towards health. It is a place to relax, enjoy, think, reflect, and begin to take the steps towards feeling not just better, but good..


Japanese, Shonishin, and Manaka Style Acupuncture

Japanese, Shonishin and Manaka style acupuncture are simultaneously gentle and powerful. Japanese style acupuncture has its roots in the 10th century, and it is out of here that Shonishin, or pediatric acupuncture developed in the 1700s, and Manaka was developed by Dr. Yoshio Manaka using the eight extraordinary vessels and ion pumping cords in the 1950s. One to the primary philosophies of each of these styles is to use the least amount of stimulation to effect greatest amount of change. All of these styles and techniques rely heavily on palpation, point location, and feedback while using thinner and fewer needles. These techniques and styles are ideal for people who are afraid of needles, are extra sensitive, and for children as a painless insertion is practiced, and often the needles are not even inserted into the skin in order to have a profound effect!.

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Sports/Orthopedic Acupuncture and the M-Test

Acupuncture can be highly effective in the treatment of injuries due to an active lifestyle. At Compass Acupuncture Tacoma, we have learned a variety of sports and orthopedic techniques to help get you back to doing the sport that you love. Whether it is a Traditional Chinese Medicine style of treatment, addressing trigger points, using Tuina (a Chinese style, medically based form of body work), or the M-Test we are able to meet you where you are and help move you towards recovery.

Additionally, we have conducted an initial pilot study that shows promise that acupuncture can actually improve performance as well as treat injury and improve recovery rates.



This Chinese style, medically based form of body work can be used to treat a variety of conditions from low back pain to tennis elbow, to knee pain. Tuina is often used in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance and facilitate the healing process.

Women’s Health

Many women face a wide array of gender specific health concerns, including PMS, menstrual cycle irregularities, fertility, childbirth issues, and menopause. Whatever your concerns, acupuncture and East Asian medicine offer a natural, safe, and effective way to support and address your physical and emotional health.



Moxa is an herb derived from mugwort that has been shown to reduce pain, strengthen the immune system to protect reduce the occurrence of colds and flus, and to improve digestion. It works by warming the channels, improving the circulation and stimulating the immune system.


This is a technique where a vacuum is created in either a glass or plastic cup in order to pull the skin and fascia away from the muscle to improve blood flow and propagate healing. There are a number of different of techniques that incorporate cupping, including stationary cupping, running cupping, flash cupping, electro/stim cupping, and bleeding cupping. Each of these techniques have specific and different effects including decreasing the effects of colds and flu, improving muscle recovery, relaxes the nervous system, soothes respiratory conditions, relieves aches and pains, relaxes stiff and tight muscles, and lowers blood pressure.


Gua Sha

This is a technique uses a tool such as an animal horn, ceramic spoon, or carved jade tool that breaks up blood stagnation through repeated pressured strokes over a lubricated area of skin. The “sha” is denoted by petechiae, or small red or purple dots. The sha occurs when blood, fluids, or qi become stagnant due to injury or cold. Stagnation, according to East Asian medicine creates pain. Breaking up the stagnation allows for the debris of old blood to be removed so that healing can increase and flow improves. Gua Sha is extremely effective as an adjunctive treatment for orthopedic soft tissue pain, muscle strain, tightness, and stiffness, reducing fever, suppressing cough, and in treating the common cold.


Shiatsu has its origins in Japan. It is a type of bodywork, and translates to finger pressure. Shiatsu therapy uses touch, comfortable pressure, and gentle techniques to support and strengthen the body’s natural ability to find balance. It is through balance that healing can occur. Shiatsu, while involving touching the body, affects the psychological and emotional aspects of a person, not only the physical. It is a deeply relaxing and gentle form of therapy that can powerfully impact the health and well being of a person.

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Compass Acupuncture Tacoma’s mission is to create a better everyday life for its patients through the use of proven alternative medical treatments

Lifestyle Counseling

Change is difficult, but it is easier with the right tools and support. If you have goals, dreams, or aspirations that you have been unable to reach in the past, having someone to provide insight, objective perspective, and useful tools could be the difference you are looking for. Often combining lifestyle counseling with acupuncture can enhance the effects and help you stay focused and motivated towards reaching your goals. Contact us today to see if Lifestyle Counseling may be right for you.




If you are looking to get into shape, train for your next event, lose weight, or reach you health and wellness goals having a plan that is tailored to you and to your unique needs will give you a huge advantage. With over 20 years of experience in creating programs for clients from professional athletes, to weekend warriors, to people looking to better control their diabetes, to people looking at losing some weight. We can prescribe exercise to help you meet those goals. Our prescriptions are scientifically backed and designed specifically for you.


East Asian Medicine provides a framework that is individually based. It takes into account not just your goals, but also your current state of health. Food is the original form of medicine and that is something that East Asian Medicine hasn’t forgotten. Learn how to the concepts of nutrition focused through the lens of East Asian medicine may be able to help you improve your health and meet your goals.


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We are glad that you have decided to visit Compass Acupuncture Tacoma. This is a place to discover your personal path towards health, and we are here to share that journey with you.

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