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What to expect?

Health is a lot like a bank account. It is easy to spend your savings, bust much more difficult to save or invest them. If you are at a point where you are feeling worn down or feel like you don’t have much left, it will take time to reinvest in your wellness. How long it takes for you to feel better depends on where you are and how you invest in your health. At Compass Acupuncture we will work with you to find the best possible path towards health for you. What you can count on that taking the first step towards health is investing in a healthier you.


How Long Will It Take?

Your journey to a healthier you, begins by scheduling an appointment. To make the process more streamlined for you, all of our scheduling and paperwork is online and can be accessed from your smartphone or computer. Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive and email confirmation. Your first appointment will begin with an in depth assessment of your condition and primary complaints.


In Take

The first session will involve a great deal of discussion that will include determining your goals and what you can expect moving forward.



Following the intake, the acupuncture treatment will begin, and often may be augmented with cupping, gua sha, shiatsu, tuina or moxibustion. All sessions are 60 minutes in duration.


Follow Up

After your initial treatment session, each follow up appointment will begin with an assessment to chart your progress and a conversation as to how things may be shifting for you.

Acupuncture often elicits a delayed response with changes often not noticed until 24-48 hours after a treatment. You will receive a follow up email within 48 hours of your initial appointment to check in with how you are feeling.

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We are glad that you have decided to visit Compass Acupuncture Tacoma. This is a place to discover your personal path towards health, and we are here to share that journey with you.


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Compass Acupuncture Tacoma’s mission is to create a better everyday life for its patients free of pain through the use of proven alternative medical treatments


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